Monday Message – May 17, 2022

Well, I’m actually a day late… it’s Tuesday. I switched my days off this week and spent a wonderful 24 hours in Debert with a group of colleagues around the theme: Come, Let Us Laugh. We had some great storytelling, an engaging keynote speaker, the Rev. Susan Sparks, who zoomed in from New York, anContinue reading “Monday Message – May 17, 2022”

Monday Message – May 9, 2022

I don’t know if you noticed yesterday, but we had FOUR visitors! As people get accustomed to living with Covid, we can look forward to this happening more often again. I’m glad that I had the sense to update the Visitor’s Packages last week! So this week, if you see someone you don’t recognize, makeContinue reading “Monday Message – May 9, 2022”

Monday Message – May 2, 2022

What a glorious day today! The sun is shining, it’s still chilly out, but temperatures are supposed to rise and we are supposed to get a few days like this! We continue with our series Terms of Resurrection in worship this coming Sunday as we explore ‘A Woman’s Place!’ Last week we heard about Paul’sContinue reading “Monday Message – May 2, 2022”

Monday Message – April 25, 2022

What a great day of celebration we had yesterday! Baptized Ella Sitland-Kasujja, with Linda Sitland, her Nanny, singing a solo to celebrate that. We also marked the formal end to our relationship with Jessie Crabtree, whose 18 months of Supervised Field Education came to end. Both milestones, but markers on journeys of faith! You’ll noticeContinue reading “Monday Message – April 25, 2022”

Monday Message – April 18, 2022

Happy Easter! Easter is a season that lasts 50 days and so if you weren’t able to come and worship with us this past Sunday, you have many more opportunities to celebrate the Easter season with our series Terms of Resurrection! And… you can experience worship in the comfort of our new chairs! Ask theContinue reading “Monday Message – April 18, 2022”

Monday Message – April 11, 2022

It was a delight to welcome Shelley Fashan from Inspiring Communities as the final speaker in the Who Is Our Neighbour Series. Shelley’s work is all about networking and building capacity in neighbourhoods and people and we are grateful that she spent some time with us. It’s Holy Week! Which means three opportunities to worshipContinue reading “Monday Message – April 11, 2022”

Monday Message – April 4, 2022

Worship this week: It’s Palm Sunday and you are invited to bring greenery to church. Whether that’s evergreen branches from your yard or a houseplant (that you can take home again!), let’s turn the sanctuary green this week. Shelley Fashan from Between the Bridges is going to share some of what that organization is allContinue reading “Monday Message – April 4, 2022”

Monday Message – March 28, 2022

Worship this week: It’s the fifth week of Lent and this week we will hear from ‘The Woman at the Well.’ She’ll ask us where the dry and empty places in our lives and world are. Betty Kemp (in Sam Schwartz’s absence) is going to share some information about the Food Bank. While many ofContinue reading “Monday Message – March 28, 2022”

Monday Message – March 21, 2022

When you read this, I’m not sure if it reads like a list of tasks to be accomplished or ministry shared. Some weeks things feel like they tilt more one way than another. But in all of the busy-ness, I try to bring an awareness of God’s presence to my day. Sometimes, it’s a matterContinue reading “Monday Message – March 21, 2022”

Monday Message – March 214, 2022

Worship this week: It’s the third week of Lent and this week marks a turning point in Jesus’ understanding of his ministry. It’s high drama as Jesus tries to get some rest from the crowds and we see a side of him we don’t normally see! We continue with our Lenten theme of Who AreContinue reading “Monday Message – March 214, 2022”

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