Behavioural Covenant

Behavioural Covenant:

Congregation and Staff @ Stairs United Church

In our work and conversations as members of Stairs Memorial, we realize there can be conflict, disagreements and misunderstandings. We will be guided by healthy norms in order to maintain clear communication and personal assumptions. Therefore, we covenant together in these guidelines for positive interactions and values to guide our ministry.  (Colossians 3 12-17, Thessalonians 5: 12-26)

At Stairs Memorial “We”:

  1. Promise to value each other as gifts from God and will work to live and work in respectful relationships.
  1. Promise to maintain a relationship of confidentiality in matters of personal and professional matters.
  1. Promise to respect and honour all ministers, staff members and lay leaders.
  1. Will seek to communicate clearly and completely.
  1. Will offer opinions with charity and humility.
  1. Will make positive investments in each other’s lives.
  1. Will seek to discover what is best for Stairs as a whole, not what may be best for one or a small group in the church.
  1. Will accept disagreement, conflict and evaluation as normal and natural. In this regard we will seek to deal constructively with disagreements or conflicts by utilizing one or all of the following:  (Matthew18: 15-17)
    • Going directly to the person with whom there is disagreement
    • Having an agreed third party meet with the conflicted persons
    • Agree to meet with an assigned committee to resolve the disagreement.
  1. Promise to Love, Care and Pray for each other.
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