Monday Message – Dec 19

Christmas and New Year’s Worship!

Christmas Eve @ 4 pmFor Little People…. and Those Who Love Them!

Join us for a short, interactive service where we tell the story, sing a few carols, and hve a snack. In person only !

Christmas Eve @ 7 pm – Carols and Candlelight

Come hear the ancient and ever new story through scripture, carols and characters. This will be in person and on-line. I’m so excited to be back in person for Christmas Eve!

Christmas Day – Watch for the link in your email and/or check it out on our Facebook page.

New Years Day – No worship, check out another United Church, either in person or on-line! Grace United and St. James are both offering in person and on-line worship.

Star Words

Each year, we each received a star word… a word to ponder over the year and to guide you. These are my star words over my time at Stairs: The first one was brave, we all got the same word that first year! It went along with my sermon series: What Would We Do If We Were Brave? And you were brave… brave as we entered the new world of on-line worship, brave in continuing to host Food Bank each week, brave in taking out the pews! The second star was believe… and you believed… and I believed! Believed that we still had a place in the community and world… believed that God would provide us with whatever we needed… believed as we pivoted time and again to adjust to Covid! My third work was gently… a reminder that with so much hurt and anxiety, a gentle presence was needed. And my word this past year is free! It was an odd word that chose me…. but it reminded me over and over that I and we were free to choose something different. We were free to respond in new ways, we were free to take up new initiatives and leave old behaviours behind.

My friends, we have been the church together, we have shared faith, love and community, I thank God for each one of you and will remember you in my prayers.

Blessings… Rev. Catherine

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