Monday Message – October 17th

Worship – The scripture is 2 Samuel 11:1-5, 26-27; 12:1-9 and the photo on the right is from my first Bible; A Bible in Pictures. And if you thought that this was the totality of the story of David and Bathsheba, you may be in for a surprise on Sunday!

As we continue our Discipleship/Stewardship series this week, we are focusing Bible Study as a Key Spiritual Practice and these are some questions you are invited to ponder:

  • How do we read the Bible?
  • How does our context impact how we read it?
  • How much of the background is important?

I thought my last few months with you folks might be less busy… but that doesn’t seem to be the case!

Today (Monday), I spent the morning with Carolyn Brodie, our new secretary, orienting her to some of the office procedures. Ryan is coming in on Tuesday to do some more, we owe a big thank you to him for stepping in while we were without admin support! This afternoon, I’m meeting with Jim and Sandra about the Discipleship/Stewardship program.

Tuesday – As part of my work in the wider church, I will attend a Zoom meeting of the Future Directions Committee of the region in the morning, the local clergy are getting together for lunch in person for the first time since last December, another Zoom call in the afternoon regarding United Fresh Start training for that committee, and then in the evening NDORC’s Executive meeting, also by Zoom!

Wednesday – Food Bank, a Zoom meeting with Jessie and Miranda about Children’s Ministry and how that might unfold and a membership class in the evening

Thursday – Hopefully get my sermon at least started and then the Transition Team is meeting in the evening via Zoom. Do you know that it takes at least 8 hours to write a sermon? Reading/research/pondering/praying. I haven’t put sermon prep time in the weekly schedule, because it happens in between times, and I listen to podcasts while I walk or drive.

Friday, as you know is my Tech Sabbath, where I don’t check email, but you can always reach me in an emergency at 902-483-1422.


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