There are many ways to be involved at Stairs Memorial, in ministries that are within the church and those that are directed outwardly. We believe that each person is gifted in some way for the building up of the community.

Stairs, like most United Churches, relies on its volunteers, from everything to worship leadership/participation to building maintenance, from operating the livestream to baking for funeral reception, from keeping in touch with those who are housebound to serving at the Food Bank, there are many ways to live out your unique call.

Our Ministries section is an overview of some of the ways we live out our faith, however it is not an exhaustive list and we are always open to where the Spirit is leading us.

If you would like to explore where the Spirit might be leading you, you are encouraged to complete the Spirit Given Gifts questionnaire and then contact Rev. Catherine to review the results with her, who knows what ministry opportunities you may discover! She can be reached at

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