Monday Message – October 11th

Worship – As we continue our series this week, we are focusing on Worship as a Key Spiritual Practice. What does it mean to worship together? The scripture passage is Joshua 24: 1-3a, 14-25 and you will hear a dialogue between Anna, Joshua’s wife and another woman of the household. Bill Elliot will share a little bit about why worship is important to him.

I haven’t shared my week’s schedule with you for a while, so let me do that!

Monday was a holiday, we celebrated on Sunday, so I mostly read and relaxed on Monday. Although I did create the bulletin.

Tuesday – I sat in on an interview for a new admin person, did some admin work getting ready for the Executive Meeting tonight, created a Governance Handbook, I changed some of the pictures in the entryway, take a look on Sunday! I attended and participated in a on-line Pastoral Care Team Training session with the members of the Pastoral Care Team. I worked on the Membership Class material,

Wednesday – Food Bank in the morning, I’m helping some of the clients apply for their spoiled food rebate, since you can only apply on-line. Betty and I are rehearsing a dialogue I wrote for worship this week. I’m meeting one of our new worshippers for coffee in the afternoon and then in the evening is the Membership Class.

Thursday – Create a leaders copy of the bulletin, check in with Ryan, who is doing an AMAZING job for us with some administration! Make sure everything is ready for Sunday. By the time Thursday evening comes, I’ve sent and received about 100 emails, various phone calls, and dealt with some snail mail!

Friday, as you know is my Tech Sabbath, where I don’t check email, but you can always reach me in an emergency at 902-483-1422.


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