There’s More Love

Who has gone into another room in your house and then forgotten what you planned to do? And you had to go back to where you were to remember what it was you planned to do in the first place. Did you know that there is a scientific reason for that? These studies revealed thatContinue reading “There’s More Love”

Where Do You Locate Yourself in the Story?

We are all part of God’s unfolding story. Today, Jessie, Ryan and Debbie made a formal Profession of Faith and became members of the United Church of Canada.

Small Things

Who wants to do great things? Only me? Who would like Stairs to be known, not just in our community, but maybe in the entire city or province as one that shares faith, love and community in grand, memorable, amazing ways? Again, only me? Do we like the accolades that come along with grand, memorableContinue reading “Small Things”

Bathsheba #MeToo

Today we are focusing on Bible Study as a key spiritual practice: Learning what the core stories of our faith teach us about faithful living. The Bible isn’t just one book though… it’s many books… it’s the story of God’s people and our relationship with God. It’s full of the full range of human emotionsContinue reading “Bathsheba #MeToo”

We Will Serve the Lord!

You are invited to eavesdrop on a conversation between Joshua’s wife Anna and one of the other woman of the household. Anna:         That is so typical of Joshua… to make a statement like that as if he speaks for all the household. Woman:     What statement? Anna:         The one where he is talking to the peopleContinue reading “We Will Serve the Lord!”

Thou Shall!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I’m told I can’t do something, I want to do it! Even a sign, telling me to keep out, makes me want to go in. Now, I’m generally pretty law abiding, so I don’t generally act on my impulses, but they are definitely there! Today’s readingContinue reading “Thou Shall!”

Hospitality and Promise

Today I’m trying to tie a number of things together, in a few short minutes… covenant, or promise, hospitality, and Treaty Day. Yesterday, I heard a story about a woman who was concerned for her husband during the hurricane. They had lost power and he was dependent on a CPAP machine. She said she prayedContinue reading “Hospitality and Promise”

What Did the Canaanites Think?

Last week, we had several long passages of scripture, this week, we have 9 short verses, except they caused me more internal wrestling than all the verses did the week before. Last week we heard the story of Noah, his family, and the animals sailing in the ark, and then God making a promise toContinue reading “What Did the Canaanites Think?”

Everything Happens For a Reason… Or Does It?

Dr. Kate Bowler wrote: A neighbor knocked on our door to tell my husband that everything happens for a reason. “I’d love to hear it,” my husband said. “Pardon?” she said, startled. “I’d love to hear the reason my wife is dying,” he said, in that sweet and sour way he has.

A Woman’s Place

As a young woman and mother I was careful to raise my son to be both nurturing and adventurous. He got dolls as well as trucks. He wore the rainbow of colours, not just ‘boys’ colours. His father shared equally in household chores and childcare. This was the late seventies; the woman’s movement had inspiredContinue reading “A Woman’s Place”

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