Pastoral Care

We have recently formed a Pastoral Care Team who has undergone some training and will continue to do so. The congregational list has been divided up amongst them and they will be keeping in regular contact with the folks on their list. As restrictions ease, they are eager to start visiting in teams of two.

Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral care takes place in a variety of ways, both formal and informal. It takes place in the informal interactions and encounters we have with one another in person, on Facebook, during committee or team meetings on Zoom or if we happen to meet at the church or in the grocery store.

It takes place in more formal ways during a time of death or other crisis when our minister is involved. We are discerning how to move forward with pastoral care post-pandemic.

If you are in need of emergency pastoral care, please call the church office at 902-446-4389 and there will be a way to be in contact with our minister.

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