What To Expect

Worshipping with Us for the First Time

Covid19 protocols: Masking, social distancing, refraining from worship if you have any symptoms. All the things to which we have become accustomed. You can check out our full protocols here.

Whether you are a life-long Christian or someone wondering about this thing called church, you are welcome to worship with us and participate fully with us. It doesn’t matter if you have no religion, are of another religion, or if you’ve simply never been to church before. You will be greeted warmly, treated with dignity, and your privacy will be respected. No one will try to “convert you” to Christianity or to our particular form of it.

Our services are livestreamed to Facebook, we also share a Zoom link so that people can connect with one another before and after the service if they would like to do so. On the last Sunday of the month, there is no in person worship, it is a Zoom and Facebook Live service only. The demands on volunteers are high during Covid and we want to honour their commitment and energy.

Why Worship?
Worship is the central ministry of the church, the time when we all gather together to give praise to God, as well as be equipped and sent forth into the world as followers of Jesus who care for the earth and its peoples.

We are delighted to welcome children into our worship experience. During this CovidTime, children are invited to stay with the people who bring them. We usually have a dedicated space for the children at the front of the church where they can gather and participate in crafts while being present for the entire service. We believe that it is only through being present in worship with the whole people of God that children learn their rightful place in worship.

The Sanctuary
The sanctuary is what the worship space is called. You may sit anywhere you wish. If someone comes and tells you to move because “you’re in their spot”, this person is in violation of our hospitality – but nobody’s perfect and people can be ignorant of our values, let alone common sense hospitality. When you enter the sanctuary, there is often music playing.

Music and Singing
Christians love to sing! And that it the thing that people express the most sorrow about right now. We adhere to the recommendations not to sing at this time. Our Music Director sings for us, and we hum along behind our masks!

We celebrate the sacrament of holy communion on a variety of Sundays throughout the church year. Everyone is welcome to participate in this sacrament, however if you are not a Christian or you really don’t feel like you understand it enough to do so, you are welcome to stay in your seat. Instructions as to how to go up to communion, or receive it in the pew, what to do with the bread and wine will be given by the minister.

The Offering
The offering is an act of worship for Christians. It is symbolic of the fact that we believe everything we have comes from the blessings of God. It is also an act of generosity. Offerings support the ministry programs at our own church and various programs across Canada and throughout the world to help others. We don’t pass an offering plate, there is a box on a table at the back of the church. There are a variety of ways you can make a financial offering, envelopes, pre-authorized remittance, e-transfer, please contact us and we will make whatever arrangements necessary.

Bible Readings and Reflection
There are usually 1 or 2 readings from the Bible each Sunday. There are several translations of the Bible into English from its original Hebrew and Greek. We find the most scholarly and inclusive version to be the New Revised Standard Version (“NRSV”). We follow the Narrative Lectionary. The Narrative Lectionary is a four-year cycle of readings. On the Sundays from September through May each year the texts follow the sweep of the biblical story, from Creation through the early Christian church. The texts show the breadth and variety of voices within Scripture. Listening to the many different voices within Scripture enriches preaching and the life of faith. We also do sermon series throughout the year that use other readings. Rev. Catherine’s sermons are available on our website, her own website My Window On God’s World, and through an email distribution list.

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