Monday Message – August 29, 2022

I am back in the church this week! While I won’t say that I’m fully recovered, I’m certainly better than I was a week ago and I am Covid negative. I left the house yesterday for the first time in 10 days; we went to get ice cream in the evening. I feel as ifContinue reading “Monday Message – August 29, 2022”

Monday Message – August 22, 2022

I was looking forward to being back in the church today, all refreshed and ready to reengage with worship and making plans for the fall! My husband and I had a great time exploring the west coast of Newfoundland, however, along with those wonderful memories, we also brought back Covid. Along with stuffy noses andContinue reading “Monday Message – August 22, 2022”

Monday Message – August 1, 2022

I hope July has been filled with good things! We’ve been home for much of July, I’ve been gardening and reading most of the time, although we spent a few days at Pictou Lodge with my son and his family and I managed to fulfill one of my summer time goals: I got up onContinue reading “Monday Message – August 1, 2022”

Monday Message – June 27, 2022

I hope that your summer is full of fun and family and food and faith! Notice where God might be showing up! This will be the last Monday Message for the summer! I am on unpaid leave July 1-31, back from August 1-7, then on vacation/study leave August 8-21. This coming Sunday marks the beginningContinue reading “Monday Message – June 27, 2022”

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