Monday Message – August 22, 2022

I was looking forward to being back in the church today, all refreshed and ready to reengage with worship and making plans for the fall! My husband and I had a great time exploring the west coast of Newfoundland, however, along with those wonderful memories, we also brought back Covid. Along with stuffy noses and aches and pains, we have both lost our sense of taste, both of us are exhausted beyond belief and are thankful that we have family around who have dropped off groceries. Trust me, this is FAR worse than a cold.

So, after consulting with LJ Roche, the Chair of Worship, I will not be leading worship this coming Sunday, I will rest and recover this week. Rev. Renee Clark is going to lead worship once again, I may be there, assuming I test negative by that point. She will continue with the Reel Theology series, with the movie Peace By Chocolate. For those of you with You Tube Premium, (you can get it free for three months) you can watch it for free at You can also check out their website and/or read the book!

I will look forward to seeing folks next week!

2 thoughts on “Monday Message – August 22, 2022

  1. We are sad to hear this news, Catherine. Several friends have had COVID and what you say is so true – It is nowhere near being just a cold. Take care and have a much needed rest. Leigh and Carl

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