Monday Message – May 30, 2022

Today is the 18th anniversary of my ordination! Look at these shiny, happy people! Would you believe that of the five people I was ordained with, I’m the only one left in active ministry. Less than a month after this picture was taken, I headed to Ontario to my first congregation! Just me and my cat! Eighteen years later, I still love ministry.

Worship this week: Sunday is Pentecost! The day when Jesus’ fearful followers received the gift of the Holy Spirit as a rushing wind and tongues of fire and were transformed! Wear RED, YELLOW, or ORANGE! The scripture passage is Acts 2: 1-47… but you know, I might change that up a bit! I can’t wait to see what visuals Janet, Wendy and Gail have come up with to celebrate Pentecost.

What do you suppose all this is for? You’ll have to come Sunday and find out!

The choir is going to be singing this and we are going to be invited to sing along, at least with the chorus!

The Moderator’s Pentecost Message

This week! I am meeting with Gordon MacAskill’s family via Zoom, his service is planned for August 6th, having lunch with Jessie, recording a video Spiritual Reflection for the United Churches for Dartmouth, Worship Committee Meeting, Food Bank, connecting via Zoom with the Canadian Interim Ministers, meeting with Jim about the Executive Meeting next week, and meeting with a couple of colleagues. And of course, there are the usual phone calls, emails, Sunday promo, connecting with Tamara etc. that makes for a busy, interesting week. Not to mention writing a sermon somewhere in there!

I’ll be taking my usual ‘Tech Sabbath’ on Sunday and hope to get my garden planted. As always, you can reach me by phone @ 902-483-1422 in an emergency.

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