Monday Message – April 11, 2022

It was a delight to welcome Shelley Fashan from Inspiring Communities as the final speaker in the Who Is Our Neighbour Series. Shelley’s work is all about networking and building capacity in neighbourhoods and people and we are grateful that she spent some time with us.

It’s Holy Week! Which means three opportunities to worship this week!

With it being Holy Week, my focus is primarily on being ready for worship. With each service taking approximately 15 hours to put together from start to finish and lead, you can understand why working ahead is important. Even with all of that, there are still a multitude of last minute details to attend to and those hours don’t include the many hours that Byron and the choir spend rehearsing, or the the Visual Arts Team spend creating the meaningful worship visuals.

Thanks to Marlene Kemp again this week for the Meatless Monday recipe! As I said in the newsletter, I love how this series unfolded. I have had some wonderful conversations with our neighbours as I delivered gift cards to them. You will be pleased to know that Stairs has a good reputation in the neighbourhood, even the most unreligious people appreciate the ministry we do!

If you didn’t get your house in yet, please bring it in any time. We are going to keep them on display in some fashion for the next few months. Confession, mine is not done.

Friday will NOT be a day off this week! 😉 I’ll be taking a couple of Mondays off after Easter to make up for missed days and statutory holidays. As always, you can reach me at any time on my cell or by calling the church.

We love to hear from our readers!

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