Monday Message – April 4, 2022

Worship this week: It’s Palm Sunday and you are invited to bring greenery to church. Whether that’s evergreen branches from your yard or a houseplant (that you can take home again!), let’s turn the sanctuary green this week.

Shelley Fashan from Between the Bridges is going to share some of what that organization is all about. It’s the final week of Who Are the People in Our Neighbourhood series.

Have you brought your house back? Look at all of them! If you haven’t, you could bring it back on Sunday, or if you are picking up or dropping off Easter treats on Friday, you could do it then.

Monday – Writing this message, working on the bulletins for Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. With Tamara only in the office Mondays and Tuesdays, I want to give her plenty of time to get everything for Holy Week done.

Charlie Crabtree (Jessie and James’ son) has recorded this week’s Meatless Monday recipe; thank you Charlie!

Tuesday – One of the things I never realized when I went into ministry was how much time I spend writing various things, aside from a weekly sermon and prayers. Whether it’s a report to the Executive, a newsletter submission, this kind of communication, or work that I do for a regional committee, it seems I am ALWAYS writing something. Good thing my husband calls me the word nerd! It’s also the Weekly Worship Committee meeting.

Wednesday – Food Bank first thing in the morning, rehearsal for Sunday with Jessie, I’ll write that newsletter submission (that I didn’t last week).

Thursday – Some bits and pieces of administration. I’ll get out and deliver some of the grocery cards you folks have contributed to, over $500! Amazing!

Friday is one of my days off, where I try and practice a Tech Sabbath, I don’t check my email, but you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

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