Monday Message – April 18, 2022

Happy Easter! Easter is a season that lasts 50 days and so if you weren’t able to come and worship with us this past Sunday, you have many more opportunities to celebrate the Easter season with our series Terms of Resurrection! And… you can experience worship in the comfort of our new chairs! Ask the folks who came this past weekend what it was like. We did this in order to allow us greater opportunities for creative worship and give us flexible space for a variety of things. Stayed tuned!

Byron Hermann leading the choir in ‘He Is Risen’

Worship this coming Sunday will be a celebration of two milestones: we are baptizing Ella Sitland-Kasujja, daughter of Miranda Sitland and Edward Kasujja and also marking the end of our formal relationship with Jessie as our AST student. These last 18 months have flown by and have been filled with a great deal of mutual learning and ministry. Come and celebrate!

So much goes into making worship meaningful each week, and it fans out from when I choose or write the words for the bulletin and choose hymns and Byron chooses an appropriate Ministry of Music to go along with the them. Tamara then takes that and creates the bulletin, drafts the Power Point, Marlene, Chris and Sam who add theme photos to it, Bruce, Paul and Marlene who run PP on Sunday morning, Jack and Nellie who run the livestream, the folks who have volunteered for the revived worship host schedule and coffee time. Byron, who does a lot of behind the scenes recording and tech work, and who, along with the choir, practice faithfully each week. Janet, Wendy and Gail who create the beautiful visuals. And let’s not forget Bill, who faithfully cleans the entire church!

This week, aside from the routine weekly tasks, I have a Region 15 Future Directions Committee meeting on Tuesday, and on Thursday, I’ve been invited to ‘share my wisdom’ on beginnings and endings with the final year United Church students at the Atlantic School of Theology.

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