Monday Message – March 28, 2022

Worship this week: It’s the fifth week of Lent and this week we will hear from ‘The Woman at the Well.’ She’ll ask us where the dry and empty places in our lives and world are.

Betty Kemp (in Sam Schwartz’s absence) is going to share some information about the Food Bank. While many of you volunteer and contribute to it, you may not know the scope of its operation. And since it’s such an integral piece of our shared ministry, I invited them in!

Monday – Writing this message, finishing up Jessie’s evaluation, can you believe that her time with us is coming to an end? I am working on yet another grant application, this time for new Audio-Visual equipment!

Marlene has recorded another Meatless Monday video for us. Cauliflower fritters! You can find it here!

Tuesday – I will spend some time working on the Maundy Thursday Service, along with the Weekly Worship Committee meeting. Reviewing the Municipal Grant Application and following up with the contractors.

Wednesday – Food Bank first thing in the morning, supervision session with Jessie, work on the Good Friday Service, and write my newsletter submission.

Thursday – I’ll create some promo material for the Holy Week and Easter Services, deliver some more gift cards, do all the bits and pieces of administration that crop up in any organization. And last, but not least, deliver the grant application to the HRM office on Alderney Drive!

You’ll notice that there is no sermon writing time in there… 😉 This week, I’m using a monologue written by a colleague, the Rev. Beverley Brazier, a UCC minister in Whitehorse. With three services to plan for Holy Week, sometimes it makes sense to use resources that others share.

Friday is one of my days off, where I try and practice a Tech Sabbath, I don’t check my email, but you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

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