Jeremiah and Jesus and Convoys, Oh My!

As you know, the past few weeks, I’ve been using sermons from other United Church ministers in order to free up some time for some interim Ministry tasks that were taking priority. I have to say that it felt a bit weird to be preaching other people’s words. And while I had planned to doContinue reading “Jeremiah and Jesus and Convoys, Oh My!”

Does Jesus Care If You Are Baptized?

This is a sermon I preached three years ago, it was part of a series called Jesus Doesn’t Care! That series was sparked by a comment made by someone when they were asked at the last moment to serve communion one Sunday. She said, “But I’m wearing jeans!’ I said, “Jesus doesn’t care!” Which setContinue reading “Does Jesus Care If You Are Baptized?”

January 2, 2022

Written by L.J. Roche In 586 BC, King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon laid a siege on Jerusalem. He destroyed the city and the temple, and he sent most of the inhabitants into exile in Babylon. Roughly fifty years later, in 538 BC, King Cyrus of Persia conquered Babylon. Cyrus allowed the Jewish people to return toContinue reading “January 2, 2022”

The Voice of Love

What language does the voice of love speak?

Finding and Choosing Joy

You might, or might not, remember that two weeks ago, I reflected on the connection between hope and gratitude and the scripture passage was about Zechariah being struck silent because of his disbelief around his wife Elizabeth’s pregnancy. This morning, we are going to hear a continuation of that story… where Elizabeth gives birth toContinue reading “Finding and Choosing Joy”

The Word on Hester Street

This got missed from the newsletter, a beautiful piece of writing from Byron Hermann about Music and the Easter Message.

The Presence of Hope

A couple of months ago, I started dreaming, pondering, planning Advent. A colleague and I got together and bounced ideas off one another and by the end of that afternoon, I had an initial focus, along with the scriptures I planned to use. A couple of weeks after that Byron, Jessie, Ryan, and Lynda andContinue reading “The Presence of Hope”

In and Out

The Transition Team and Executive have been meeting together over the past month in preparation for the congregational meeting after worship this morning. One of the exercises I did with them was entitled: What Does Your Minister Do All Day, it was in response to a casual comment made by one of them, who shallContinue reading “In and Out”

In the Silence

November 7, 2021 – 1 Kings 19:1-18 Student Minister Jessie Crabtree If Elijah were a puppy, I’m pretty sure he’d be a beagle. Hear me out. Beagles are among the most loyal breeds of dogs. They are hunting dogs with excellent focus when they have a job to do. They crave purpose, a task, andContinue reading “In the Silence”

What Kind of Leadership?

It was a powerful experience to preach on leadership for the future behind this table where candles were lit in front of pictures of some of the ‘saints’ of the church.

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