Great Joy!

My first thought, when I read through this passage last Sunday evening was, “I’m supposed to preach on a church meeting?” Because essentially that’s what this passage is… a report on a gathering, it’s called the Council of Jerusalem. To set the scene, we need to know a bit about what happened after last weeksContinue reading “Great Joy!”

Look! Here Is Water!

Look! Here is water! Those words, spoken by an Ethiopian eunuch from the passage of scripture that you’re going to hear in a few minutes, kept ringing in my ears this week! Look, here is water! Nova Scotia has 7400 km of coastline. No matter where you are in NS, you are never more thanContinue reading “Look! Here Is Water!”

The Big But

We know the story so well, because it’s been told for over 2000 years, we know the ending of the story. But the women who went to the tomb that morning were living the story! They went in grief and sorrow, expecting to find Jesus’ body. Expecting to tend to it with spices and ointment.Continue reading “The Big But”

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