Monday Musings – Feb 21, 2022

Some of you know that Janet and Grant MacLean are in Mexico, I received a message from Janet, wondering if I had sent Robyn down there to keep an eye on them! Apparently he’s been hanging around their balcony.

Worship this week: We are back in person this Sunday! There will be singing! We will still be social distancing and masked, but we will be together. Jessie is preaching, this is her preaching assignment for this term, so she may ask some of you to evaluate. We will mark African Heritage Month with Nellie Clyke sharing a bit of her story.

I spent my Study Leave working on plans for Lent; I am really excited with how it will unfold. The theme is Who Are the People In Our Neighbourhood. There will be special speakers, Byron is working on special music, there will be visual arts opportunities, cooking opportunities.

Monday – It’s Heritage Day in NS, so while it’s a holiday, my sister Shelley (some of you know her because she volunteers at the Food Bank) and I spent some time clearing out the basement in order to be able to view the space in a new light and to ask a contractor for an estimate to reconfigure space for the Food Bank. We will be applying for a municipal and/or United Church grant to do this work. It’s amazing how the space opens up.

Tuesday – I’ll be working on the bulletin, connecting with Tamara, meeting with the Worship Committee, and then in the afternoon, I have a regional Future Directions Committee meeting.

Wednesday – Food Bank, my weekly meeting with Jessie, the monthly meeting of the Dartmouth North Organization and putting together the next training session for the Pastoral Care Team.

Thursday – I’ll be doing my normal catch up with all the details I haven’t done in the rest of the week, create some promo material for Sunday and for the Lent series. I’ve got a telephone meeting with a colleague from Whitehorse in the afternoon, then the Pastoral Care Team training session.

Friday is one of my days off, where I try and practice a Tech Sabbath.

Saturday this week, I am leading a workshop at Harmony Camden United Church as part of my work on the regional Future Directions Committee.

In between all of those scheduled things are phone calls, emails, random visits that make for an interesting, varied week!

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