Monday Musings – Feb 7, 2022

Worship this coming Sunday will be on Zoom only; it will not be streamed to Facebook, it’s when we combine worship and our Annual Meeting. It would be helpful if folks would sign on a bit earlier than usual, so that we can record all the names accurately. The Zoom link will be sent out with the Friday announcements.

On Saturday, I received word of Grant McCurdy’s death, you can read his obituary here.

Early Monday morning, Miranda Sitland and her partner Eddie Kasujja, welcomed their daughter Ella into the world!

In life, in death, in life beyond death, God is with us, we are not alone.

One of the great things about ministry is that my schedule is very flexible, sure there are many things that are routine from week to week, and Sunday rolls around VERY quickly, but there are also seasonal ebbs and flows. This week, at first glance, seems to be a week that is a bit ‘lighter’ in workload than the last few have been. One of the things that I am still learning, after 18 years of ministry, is to take those as a gift and NOT fill them up, as there are weeks when I can scarcely catch my breath.

Monday – The Covid Team met this morning; we haven’t met since shortly before Christmas and decided it was time as protocols and restrictions are changing once again. In the afternoon, I will attend at least part of the UCW Meeting. I’ll put together the finishing touches to the Annual Meeting Worship bulletin, there are a lot of moving parts!

Tuesday – I will put together the Pastoral Care Team Training Session in the morning, the weekly Worship Committee Zoom call takes place at noon, then in the evening the Transition Team will meet at 6:30, the they will meet jointly with the Executive at 7, then the Executive will continue meeting to complete there business. In between, I’ll make a few phone calls and check in on some folks.

Wednesday – As always, Food Bank in the morning. I think it’s there that I have encountered the most resistance to mask wearing. We ask clients to switch from their won masks to our three layered ones and not everyone is happy about that or about masking in general. Later that morning, Jessie and I will meet for our regular session. I’ll be logging in to Jessie’s Study Group in the evening, just to make sure she doesn’t need an extra facilitator. I really encourage folks to participate, it’s going to be really interesting!

Thursday – Odds and ends of administration in the morning, Pastoral Care Team Training in the afternoon.

Friday – My weekly tech sabbath, where you will not get a response from me via email, but I’m always available by phone in an emergency.

Saturday – Also a regular day off.

I’m on Study Leave February 14-20, I’ll be working on getting ready for Lent and may try to get away for a couple of days of silent retreat. In my absence Jessie is leading worship on February 20th and Rev. Stephen Fram is on call for pastoral emergencies.

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