Minister’s Musings – Jan 31, 2022

Monday – I decided it was foolish to try and take the day before Tamara is putting the Annual Report together off, so I’m working today, you might remember that I planned to take today off in lieu of working all weekend. I’ll start putting together the bulletin for the Annual Meeting. Once again, we will combine that with worship. At this point, it looks as if it will be on-line only. I’ve got a piece to finish for the Living Faith Story Group, these folks, Nellie Clyke, Ryan Gomes, and Grant MacLean, have worked diligently on your behalf and spent Sunday afternoon compiling the various pieces and will have a draft to present to the Executive at their February meeting. This is the first step in getting ready to search for your next minister.

Tuesday – I have a Zoom call in the morning with the Future Directions Committee of the Region, I’m the secretary to that committee and I do my best to get the minutes as we meet, otherwise it’s weeks before I get to them! That’s followed by the weekly Worship Committee Zoom call. (What did we ever do without Zoom?) And do some planning for Lent; stay tuned for an exciting Lent Project!

Wednesday – Food Bank – They were really short of volunteers last week so I was left in charge of the door! You can never predict from one week to another how many people will come, what the general outlook will be. Jessie and I will meet for our regular session. I’ll work on my monthly report for the Executive meeting, some Sunday promo, make sure the Power Point is ready, along with the Leaders Copy of the bulletin, as well as write my contribution for the next newsletter. In the evening I will attend the second session of the Adaptive Leadership Course.

Thursday – I’m off, although meeting with some colleagues for connection and conversation!

Friday – My weekly tech sabbath, where you will not get a response from me via email, but I’m always available by phone in an emergency.

Saturday – Also a regular day off, I may be be painting more drawers, my husband is converting our second pantry cupboard from shelves to drawers.

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