Minister’s Musings – Jan. 24, 2022

Worship this week continues the series Discover Your Gifts, Share Your Gifts. This week we hear how Jesus preached in his hometown and also Paul write about the variety of gifts that are inherent in a faith community. I am deeply grateful to the colleagues who put this series together in order to free up some of my time to focus on the some Interim Ministry tasks that take priority right now.

Today (Monday) Today I’ll spend some time with Tamara, I’ve done the bulletin and am finishing up my report for the annual report along with the Narrative Budget. In the afternoon the Transition Team meets via Zoom to plan their work for the next few months. As well, I will be working on the next training session for the Pastoral Care Team. Somewhere in there, I have to film a new video for the Dartmouth North Video Library. Check out all the videos in the library here!

Tuesday is the monthly meeting of the Association of the United Church Clergy, of which I am the Treasurer. It’s also the weekly meeting of the Worship Team, My plans last week to choose scripture and focus on my them of “Who is Our Neighbour” were sidelined by a migraine, so I’m doing that this afternoon. I have a Spiritual Reflection to video to post on United Churches for Dartmouth on Wednesday and in the evening that group meets.

Wednesday is Food Bank day; as I mentioned last week, I am now part of the regular rotation of volunteers. Like every organization, circumstances change and right now, the Food Bank is short on volunteers. Last week the Food Bank served 68 families! It’s also the day that Jessie and I meet for our regularly scheduled time together. In the afternoon is the monthly meeting of the Dartmouth North Organization, where we come together to share ideas, resources and simply know that we are better together. The last few months, a member of the executive has been joining me at this meeting.

Thursday, like it often is, is filled with things that didn’t get done because of interruptions! It’s also the day that I usually finish up the Powerpoint that Tamara does the main work on, create the Leaders Copy of the bulletin so that Jack, Jessie and I are all working off the same document, and create some Facebook promo for the Sunday service. Pastoral Care Team training takes place in the afternoon.

I have no idea how much time I spend during the week responding to email, texts and phone calls, and even the occasional visitor coming in to pick something up or drop something off. I’m always pleased to connect with you!

Friday is my ‘tech sabbath’ where I don’t respond to emails, although you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

Saturday this week is not a day off, Nellie Clyke, Ryan Gomes, Grant MacLean and I are meeting to put together the draft position description for your new minister. I’ll be taking next Monday off instead.

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