Monday Musings – January 10, 2022

This week marks a change; I’ll no longer be sending ‘Thursday Thoughts’ but on Mondays you will receive this message. I will still highlight what’s coming up in worship, but also share something of what it happening in my week. For those of you who only interact with me on Sundays, you may have no idea of what else I am up to!

Worship this week continues the series Discover Your Gifts, Share Your Gifts. This week we are looking at the gift of affirmation and baptism. I am deeply grateful to the colleagues who put this series together in order to free up some of my time to focus on the some Interim Ministry tasks that take priority right now.

Today (Monday) I am putting the finishing touches to the education session for the joint meeting of the Transition Team and the Executive that is taking place Tuesday evening. Also connecting via Zoom with a group of Intentional Interim Ministers from across North America for our monthly get together. We support and encourage one another and share ideas and resources.

Tuesday is the weekly meeting of the Worship Team, I’ll also be planning the next training session for the Pastoral Care Team and of course, the Transition Team and Executive meeting via Zoom in the evening.

Wednesday is Food Bank; in the evening, as part of my work in the wider church, I’ll be on Zoom call with the leadership of Harmony-Camden United Church in preparation for a workshop I am leading there, perhaps on Saturday!

Thursday Jessie and I will meet for our regular weekly supervision session, and I will lead the third Pastoral Care Training Session.

In between all that, I’ll be connecting with Tamara, Byron, Jessie, the readers, Jack, responding to email, texts and phone calls. It makes for a wonder-full week.

Friday is my ‘tech sabbath’ where I don’t respond to emails, although you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

We love to hear from our readers!

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