Monday Musings – Jan. 17, 2022

Worship this week continues the series Discover Your Gifts, Share Your Gifts. This week we are exploring the story of Jesus changing the water into wine. I am deeply grateful to the colleagues who put this series together in order to free up some of my time to focus on the some Interim Ministry tasks that take priority right now.

Today (Monday) Today is filled with a lot of administration! I am working on the bulletin and have updated the website, I’m working on my report for the Annual Report and the letter to go out with the Charitable Donation Receipts, as well as the early stages of the Narrative Budget. I’m also reaching out to some friends who may have contacts to contractors in order for us to apply for a municipal grant to renovate the basement to better serve the Food Bank clients.

Tuesday is the weekly meeting of the Worship Team, I’m starting to plan Lent. General theme right now is “Who Is My Neighbour?” I’m choosing scripture and focus this week and hope to develop it more fully with a team again, so you may be invited to take part! Grant MacLean and I will be connecting in the afternoon to work on the agenda for an upcoming Transition Team meeting. In the evening, Nellie Clyke, Ryan Gomes, Grant MacLean, and myself are getting together to work on the Living Faith Story, the first step in looking for your next minister. Because we have done so much consultation over the past two years, AND the process has changed, this small group can take all the material we have worked on over the past two years and put it together and after approval, have it put up on Church Hub, which is the on-line portal where churches and ministers find each other these days.

Wednesday is Food Bank day; I am now part of the regular rotation of volunteers. Like every organization, circumstances change and right now, the Food Bank is short on volunteers. It’s also the day that Jessie and I meet for our regularly scheduled time together. In the afternoon, Rev. Dale Skinner from Woodlawn United and Rev. Sharon Ballantyne who just started at Fort Massey United are meeting via Zoom. We are all Intentional Interim ministers; it’s unusual to have three going on at the same time in HRM! In the evening, I’m participating in the first of three sessions on Adaptive Leadership put on by the Edge Ministry Network, part of the United Church’s Leadership Development. Since there wasn’t a course available in my Certificate in Social Enterprise this term, I enrolled in this.

Thursday will be catch-up day for all that I’ve missed because I got interrupted by other ministry! David Hewitt, Regional Minister is hosting a Zoom Check-In for Ministry Personnel in the afternoon, providing support and encouragement through this latest wave. As always I’ll be connecting with Tamara, Byron, Jessie, the readers, Jack, responding to email, texts and phone calls. It makes for a wonder-full week.

Friday is my ‘tech sabbath’ where I don’t respond to emails, although you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

Saturday is also a regular day off, again, you can reach me by phone in an emergency.

The photograph is the trail at the end of our street, I love to walk it in all kinds of weather, but I think I need to get some poles!

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