Thursday Thoughts – November 25, 2021

Worship This Week!

Happy New Year!

I’ve always wanted to host a New Year’s Eve Party the night before Advent begins…maybe next year!

Our Advent and Christmas series is entitled the Gift of Presence: What are you searching for this season? Another present under the tree? Or the presence of loved ones coming together in homes, gatherings and churches to celebrate? The enforced distancing of Covid has taught us that most of all we crave the presence of one other. This Christmas season, let’s slow down, take time to be present with one another as we celebrate and remember the ancient story of a helpless baby, born in a stable. Let the presence of hope, peace, joy and love glow even in December’s dark days. I am grateful to Byron Hermann, Jessie Crabtree, Ryan Gomes, and Lynda Sitland who helped flesh out the initial idea and to Janet MacLean, Wendy Sullivan, and Gail Stevens who created our visuals.

Scripture – Luke 2: 5-24

Reflection – The Presence of Hope

Questions I am Pondering

  • What makes us hope-full
  • How can we be open to the presence of hope?
  • Who or what helps us remain hopeful?

Odds and Ends

Great video from the Food Bank!

Here is an Advent Gratitude Calendar.

Would Your Church Receive an F? Interesting article!

Atomic Habits One of the many books I read while on sabbatical, and one that has had a profound effect on me, was Atomic Habits by James Clear. I also subscribe to his weekly email and last week, this comment jumped out at me in relation to the work that we are about to undertake in the coming year: “Every great opportunity has many reasons why it could fail. You have to trust your ability to solve problems along the way. People who look for reasons why things won’t work, struggle to take action. People who look for reasons why things will work—and solve problems as they arise—make things happen.”

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