Thursday Thoughts – November 19, 2021

Worship This Week!

It’s the end of the Church Liturgical Year! Next Sunday is Advent 1 and a brand new season.

This Sunday we are doing ‘Who Is He: A Story Walk Through Jesus’ Life.’ There will be a biblical reading to represent each stage of his life, along with a hymn and an accompanying symbol.

Interim Ministry

As the congregation voted in favour of the joint recommendation from the Transition Team and the Executive, those two bodies are meeting very soon to map out next steps and what that will look like over the coming year and into the future. The folks on the Transition Team have worked faithfully over the past two years in challenging circumstances, and then the joint meetings with the Executive clarified and solidified the recommendation. I commend the congregation for taking a bold and courageous step.

Odds and Ends!

Mask Acoustics! An excellent blog post on speaking clearly and being understood while wearing a mask!

Sarah Bessey is an amazing Canadian writer who has also compiled a Christmas Gift Guide to Empower!: She writes: With hundreds of gifts for everyone, we are featuring shops that empower others, embrace ethical and equitable business practice, inspire change, cooperate with the marginalized, or turns poverty to prosperity in some way. You can check it all out here!

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