Monday Message – September 12, 2022

Worship – This week the scripture is Genesis 12: 1-9, many less verses than this past week; you can can read it here. When I read it, as we focus on the Calls to the Church, I can’t help but wonder how an Indigenous person would read this passage. Abram (that’s not a typo!) is going to a place where there were already people living and according to Genesis, God was giving him this land. This is very similar to the underpinning of the development of Canada. So, lots to wrestle with this week!

In the entryway, is a shelf with some things for children/youth to pick up and bring into worship. A few folks are going to connect with me and stock it with some engaging and appropriate things. You may have noticed two round tables in the midst of the chairs on either side of the sanctuary too, I invite you to leave those for people who come with children, so that they have some place to put their activity pages/books etc.

I seem to have ordered 4 extra medium sized Every Child Matters T-Shirts, so if you don’t have one and would like one, and medium would fit, come see me!

Unfortunately, the virtual Kairos Blanket Exercise that was scheduled for September 17th is not going forward at this time. We will rebook in the future.

I received a lovely letter from Mona MacAskill; this is part of what she wrote: Thank you all for supporting our family. Many thanks for your donations to the food bank, also your beautiful cards and kind words. It was great to see you all again… your kindness will remain in our hearts forever. The family appreciated everything thing from the beautiful service to the last cup of coffee… I was so proud of our family to meet you all and to see what Stairs Memorial means to us all… how you feel the love when you walk through the doors… Mona and family

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