Monday Message – April 25, 2022

What a great day of celebration we had yesterday! Baptized Ella Sitland-Kasujja, with Linda Sitland, her Nanny, singing a solo to celebrate that. We also marked the formal end to our relationship with Jessie Crabtree, whose 18 months of Supervised Field Education came to end. Both milestones, but markers on journeys of faith!

You’ll notice from the pictures below that the choir has moved down to the floor, along with the digital piano. This brings Byron, the choir and the congregation closer together, and better supports congregational singing! The photos aren’t the best, they are mostly screen grabs from the livestream!

Worship this coming Sunday is about Paul’s conversion experience on the road to Damascus. You can read the biblical text here. I wrestling with the idea that we might be called as individuals, but it’s really within community that we are converted and transformation happens.

This week, I’m taking Monday off again to make up for all the hours I worked Holy Week. Aside from the routine weekly tasks, I have some follow up work from the Region 15 Future Directions Committee meeting last week, the monthly meeting of the Association of United Church Clergy, the monthly Dartmouth North Organization meeting on Wednesday and on Thursday, Jim, Sandra and I are all signed up for some Stewardship education.

As usual, I take a Tech Sabbath on Friday and don’t check email, but you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

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