Monday Musings – March 7, 2022

Worship this week: We are marking PIE Day, Public, Intentional, and Explicit support and welcome of LGBTQ+ people. We continue with our Lenten theme of Who Are the People in our Neighbourhood by welcoming Courtney Connor from the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning. Do I have some volunteers to make pie for sharing after church? Please let me know!

Last week, those of you who were in worship received little wooden houses to colour/paint etc. and then bring back, so that we can create a ‘neighbourhood’ on a table at the front. We will have them available over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to get yours!

Monday – This morning started off with the Transition Team having a Zoom call with the Rev. Alexa Gilmour; she is the founder and Executive Director of the Stone Soup Network and we met with her to explore the idea of starting a network here in North Dartmouth. I’ve been working on the bulletin, this afternoon I spent some time with Marlene trying to get her Meatless Monday video off her phone and onto my computer for uploading, but no luck! So, until we solve that challenge, here is the recipe!

Then I met with Jim Bauld to review the Executive Committee agenda and then tonight I will participate in the Food Bank’s Annual Meeting.

Tuesday – I’ll be connecting with Tamara to review all the details regarding worship, meet with the Worship Committee, have a conversation with a colleague in Whitehorse and then in the evening attend the Executive Committee Meeting.

Wednesday – Food Bank, my weekly meeting with Jessie, and I hope to meet with a couple of contractors about a possible basement renovation. Maybe even get a start on my sermon!

Thursday – I’ll be doing my normal catch up with all the details I haven’t done in the rest of the week, create some promo material for Sunday and do some more work on my sermon as well as some grant writing.

Friday is one of my days off, where I try and practice a Tech Sabbath, so I don’t check my email, but you can always reach me by phone in an emergency.

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