Thursday Thoughts – December 9, 2021

Worship This Week

Scripture – Luke 1: 57-66

Reflection – The Presence of Joy

Questions I am Pondering

  • What helps us recognize joy?
  • When are we surprised by joy?
  • What holds us back from experiencing joy?

Jim Bauld is going to share a story about joy.

We are also celebrating communion, so if you are worshiping with us on-line, please have something to eat and drink on hand.

Trauma expert Diane Strickland writes about the challenge—and wonder—of surprises in the Christmas season. You can read her very helpful article here.

Do you know about the Gifts With Vision catalogue from the United Church? It was developed in response to member requests to be able to give gifts to relatives, friends, and loved ones that are in direct support of the church’s Mission & Service partners. It’s an awesome way to support mission in Canada and around the world.

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