Covid19 Protocols

COVID19 UPDATE- May 5, 2021

COVID currently:

The province wide shut down continues as we all make the necessary efforts to curb and control the spread of COVID-19 in Nova Scotia.

At Stairs, we continue to follow the Public Health restrictions set in place by our provincial government and Chief Medical Officer of Health which means:

  • Until further notice, in person worship must be suspended.
  • Any in person gathering that is essential is limited to 5 people.
  • Food Bank leadership and staff are working to adjust their essential work to meet the current restrictions while continuing to serve the Food Bank clients.
  • Staff are supported to work from home where this is possible

In the mean time

The Stairs COVID Planning Group continues to follow the current situation daily as we monitor COVID case counts, exposure sites and all COVID related briefings and alerts issued by Nova Scotia Health, Premier Rankin and Dr. Strang.

The COVID Planning Group will continue to provide updates when we receive information that changes our current status at Stairs. This will be communicated to you using email, telephone, Canada Post, Face Book and Stairs Memorial website at

Please continue to practice the things that we know work to control COVID-19:

  • Continue with social distancing.
  • Limit outings to essential trips.
  • Wear a mask when in public places.
  • Wash your hands, often.
  • Stay informed as you are able via television, newspaper,

And very importantly, practice the activities we know are good for the heart and soul, not just during COVID but at any time as you are able:

  • Enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, either outdoors or by a sunny window.
  • Take time in your garden.
  • Exercise as you are able, and if possible outdoors i.e. go walking in your neighborhood.
  • Talk with friends by telephone.
  • If this new lockdown has affected your sense of wellbeing, please reach out and get help. Wellness Canada has many resources available.

Stairs COVID Planning Group

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